Thursday 4 June 2015

A Cranial Breakthrough

When I started this blog post the title was a reference to the fact that my hair has started to grow back. Anyone that knows me will be well aware of how much my hair means to me and therefore how welcome this development was. However, before getting all the way through this I had a less welcome breakthrough when I took Piri out for a walk and head-butted a protruding tree limb, splitting my head open a bit and producing a lovely lump on top of my head. So I guess now it can have a dual meaning. Returning to the subject of my hair's regrowth I feel it should be noted that I'm not quite back to full-quiff but the hair is growing back all over now and it's the correct colour (I'd heard many stories of people's hair growing back curly and blonde for no apparent reason) so I can't complain. Maybe next time I have my head shaved it'll look even and not like I'm the only person in the world who wants to copy Mario Balotelli's hairstyle decisions.

I have also recently finished my second batch of chemo, leaving me with only 4 to go. Side effects wise I have had very few of note, they have mainly consisted of increased tiredness and patches of dry skin. I'll take that over spewing into a washing bowl every night like I was with radiotherapy. Although I would prefer it if the dry skin was in a slightly less visible place. It has decided to affect my face at the moment which is far from ideal. It could've just stuck to my leg or something where nobody would see it.

This weekend my brother, cousin and a few others are doing a sponsored cycle from Llanberis, North Wales to Cardiff so I'll be going into Cardiff on Sunday to watch them finish and feel glad that it's them and not me!

In the meantime my plan is to gym as much as possible and keep raising my body weight. I'm determined to get it back up to 70kg as quickly as possible. Hopefully before this supposed heat wave hits South Wales.