Sunday 29 March 2015

Part 1, Done.

As of Thursday evening I have officially finished my initial course of treatment. I'm now in a position to reflect on the treatment and the effects of it. I've mentioned before how I started feeling sick pretty much instantly, and for the most part that was the only side effect I was dealing with. However, I have sustained a fair bit of hair loss and towards the end I started to develop an itchy rash on my arms and legs as well as patches of burned skin behind my ears. For the most part this was caused by the radiotherapy, but the rash is likely down to the antibiotics I've been taking.

Unfortunately all of this combined means I look like an angry egg with skin problems (see evidence below). I'm also unable to grow more than 60% of a beard which means the only hair I've got on my head at the moment is my eyebrows. It may be the medication talking but I've started thinking about styling my eyebrows to make up for the inability to style anything else. So far the only styles I can come up with are 'traditional' and 'spiked', and I don't think society is ready for the second one, so I might just have to wait for my hair to grow back.

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On the subject of finishing treatment I'm not completely sure what my next steps will be. I know I have an appointment with my consultant on May 1st where we will discuss the ongoing plan and this will probably consist of a further 6 months of chemotherapy, but this could change depending on how I have responded to what I've had so far.

From a body weight perspective I have dropped to 67kg, while not great I'm still failing my fighting weight so I'll count that as a win. It's definitely better than the puffy faced, steroid induced 74kg I faced a few weeks back!

Over the last few weeks it has been my Father's 70th, my Brother's 23rd and Mother's Day. Although I haven't been in the best shape to do much for these days it has been nice to have a chance to give a bit back to the people that have done the most for me over the last few months. Luckily being pretty much house bound and boring has meant I haven't dipped into my sick pay so could spend a bit on presents for them.

Now I'm off to teach the pup to sit with Happy Feet on in the background. I'm so rock and roll sometimes it hurts.

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  1. glad you're through the radiotherapy ... I finished mine about 6 weeks ago and I'm happy to say that the mild throbbing that seemed to have taken up permanent residence in my head eased up pretty quickly, maybe first or second week. I keep inspecting my hair and am convinced in these 6 weeks the sides have gorwn back at least 2mm, though I suspect I'm imagining most of that! Being blind I can't see my dashing hairloss image, but it's pretty thin on top and yet the back is quite a thicket, so I bet I look rather comical! As for the ears, I know exactly what you mean! The backs of my ears have thankfully eased up, but the earcanal is still annoyingly itchy ... I might get Mr Gogh to come sort them out ;) Hope you find the nausea and hair quicly reduce and increase respectively ... and hoping whatever scans await show positive results. Giles