Saturday 14 March 2015

The Home Straight

As of today I only have one full week of treatment left! Next week I have a full week and the following week I have until Thursday and then I'm done with this stint of radio/chemo.

I can't wait.

Either the radio or the chemo (or a combination of the two) has left me feeling sub-par for the majority of the time since I started treatment. This has been mainly through the constant nausea and occasional sickness but also just feeling tired a lot of the time. In order to combat the nausea I am on my 4th combination of sickness tablets, so it's lucky I'm finishing soon or I'd've gone through every type of anti-sickness tablet known to man.

I also realised today that if I keep going through the Friends box set at my current rate I'll be running out of episodes before treatment finishes. So I'm going to venture out for the rugby this afternoon in an attempt to reduce my FCR (Friends Consumption Rate). Hopefully the nausea will stay away for a few hours so I can successfully manage a couple of hours out of the house that doesn't involve Velindre.

I'll end this short post with a question, when you have a shaved head featuring completely bald patches, do you use body wash on your head or stick to shampoo? One of life's great unanswerables.


  1. Hi Jamie! There was an article about you on a Finnish newspaper today. I'm also 24, so your story really made me think about my own life. I have been reading your blog the whole morning and I have to say that you have an amazing life attitude. Just keep on fighting and show that tumour who's the boss! I wish you all the best!

    Btw I really hope you see the Northern lights. They are really awsome in autumn/winter.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I read the same atricle as Henri (it's here, if you have not seen it yet: and cannot agree more: you have an amazing attitude and such immense willpower. As a two-fold cancer survivor it took me a while to grasp it, but there is nothing more powerful than a decisive and confident mind – which you seem to have. Stay strong and keep going! You WILL beat it!

    Hope you enjoy the aurora borealis. They are really something. Welcome to Finland!


  3. Check this link, it just might be something worthwhile considering:


    And no, I'm not a hippie or a pothead. I do believe that there is some truth to ancient medicine coming from herbs and that modern medicine doesn't want people to know about them. It would be very bad for business anyway... What you DO need however is an open minded physician. Not all doctors are willing to test around this natures compound.

    I whis you all the best and I am certain you will be raising a tequila shot while celebrating your 50th birthday!



  4. Hi! I also read the article about you in finnish. I'm only 14 years old and so, but that article made me think about things. I feel really sorry for you, but you have such an amazing attitude. it's very inspiring to see that you can enjoy your life and be positive, no matter what. Wish you all the best!
    /and if you visit here in Finland someday, remember to buy finnish chocolate!
    / AAAND by the way, my cat was sitting here next to me and watching while i wrote this. i'm pretty sure that she wishes you all the best, too.

    Get better!


  5. May I ask about your daily nutrition ? If you go through those ruff treatments like radiation and poisontreatments, it is like you would spend your holidays in the Chernobyl, Ukraine....If you are beaten in tatami, and want to recover faster, you need extra nutrition ( vitamins, minerals, proteins ) to get up faster, right ? It is same with those hard treatments, don´t just rely on pain killers, but start to think how to BOOST your IMMUNE SYSTEM now ! All the best to you...also from Finland ( with some judo background from 1979... )