Tuesday 20 January 2015

The Heath - Morning The First

A 06:30 wake up call is received from a few of the nurses and other patients chatting a couple of beds over. Brilliant. Welcome to my first morning in the Heath.

Today’s prospects will involve a chat with the surgeon, a few blood samples being taken and some vital stats being measured I am told.

Highlight of the morning is when the doctor has to ask me to relax my stomach so he can get a feeling and I am physically unable to relax it enough #shreddedproblems . Although he seemed to let that go when he realised he had the pick of my veins due to the extreme vascularity that was going on.

Early into the afternoon the surgeon made an appearance to discuss what he was planning to do while poking around my head. On Monday morning he plans a keyhole operation to insert a small camera into my skull and look at the tumour more closely. He also wants to make a small passage to allow brain fluid to flow around as there is a slight backlog of fluid at the moment. Killing all sorts of birds with one stone he also wants to take a biopsy of the tissue to send it for analysis to find out exactly what we are dealing with. Fingers crossed for a nice, chilled out, benign tumour!

I am also filled with confidence by the fact he reminds me strongly of Robert Downey Jr. so fully expect to recover from the operation highly armoured and weaponised. If not I will be putting a complaint into the NHS.

The evening involved assessing the TV room (a complete shambles as it was occupied by two eastenders fanatics) and visiting from the fam. Shortly followed by starting to write up all of this as there isn’t much to do in this place when the next youngest neuro patient is 50 years of age.

Having said that all of the other patients on the ward are nice and friendly, even if some aren’t exactly compus-mentis.

One of the patients in the corner is good for a chat as he competed for Wales in judo in the 70’s so we have a few friends in common and a few shared experiences. Another of the patients is a football fan and asked his family to bring me in the match programme form the 1969 European Champion Clubs Cup Final against Benfica along with a page signed by the whole team to look at. When they arrived they handed it to me and said I could keep it as he was a Cardiff Fan and it would just be sitting in a box in the house anyway. A really nice gesture from a man I had known for a day.

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